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We come to you periodically

The maintenance of a garden or outdoor environment is extensive. One-time maintenance may be required. Periodic maintenance is the best way to keep your outdoor space in optimal condition.


Controls for diseases and fungi

Attention to your plants is an important prevention for decay in your garden. We are happy to carry out a regular check on disease and fungi for you.

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Keep your lawn healthy and natural

To keep your grass healthy and natural, we offer an annual sampling of the soil. The composition is determined and the correct approach is chosen based on the sample.

We also offer various options for the maintenance of your artificial grass.


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Recurring maintenance

Pruning hedges is like modeling in green. Regular updating makes your hedges into strong frames and blocks, making the building of your garden stand out.

The weeds in your paving require repetitive maintenance. We periodically control the weeds in an environmentally friendly manner.


Everything has its right place

If the ecological balance in your pond or water is not in order, we can determine this with a water sample. On this basis we provide advice for proper planting that restores the balance in a natural way.

Everything has its right place. If there is any damage to the planting, street work, garden lighting, irrigation installation or otherwise, we will gladly repair it.


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